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Webtoon Promo Code & Free Coins

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This is where we collect and post Webtoon Promo code and Free coins tips. Are you looking for the latest Webtoon promo codes in 2022? You’ve come to the right place.

This is the place for Manga fans and if you’re one of them, go ahead and collect these promos and free coins.

Latest Webtoon Promo Code and Offers

So for our readers today, we’ve collected the following Webtoon Promo Code and Offers.

Some more Webtoon promo codes for free coins are available below:

GRITTELOVE9 – Get upto 80,000 free coins using this code.

YUKCUCITANGAN2020 – Apply this webtoon promo code to receive 60000 free coins.

JINJJACHA – Use this coupon code to get 50% off Webtoons.

K3PINWEBTOON – Enter it to receive 50000 free coins.

NESSIEJUDGE7 – Yet another promo code for 50000 free coins.

So the above are some of the Webtoon codes we could gather at this time. Be sure to check back as we continuously update our page with new Webtoon promo code and free coin offers.

Webtoon Coins – What are they?

If you have the Webtoon app, you can read comics to a certain limit on a daily basis. However, if you want to read more, you will need to have coins.

webtoon promo code 2022

You can purchase these required coins from the in app purchases with real money.

There is also a way to get free Webtoon coins. We’ll tell you how to claim free Webtoon coins below.

How to Get Free Webtoon Coins

You can also get free Webtoon coins by installing Webtoon ++ app. Follow the steps below:

Get free webtoon coins
  • First, install the Webtoon++ app using the Webtoon app.
  • Visit appinections.com from your browser.
  • Search for Webtoon in the search panel.
  • Click the “start injection” button.
  • Before you can fully install it, certain activities are available to complete.
  • Complete those activities and claim Webtoon promo codes for free coins.

Webtoon ++ App (Mod Webtoon App)

Webtoon ++ is a modded Webtoon App which allows you to explore developer access. It’s a very popular app that allows you unrestricted access to comics available on Webtoon.

The app allows you to read your favorite comics without having to deal with the annoying ads which are available on the non modded Webtoon.

About Webtoon

Webtoon is an online comics site where you can sign up and read free comics. In order to read more, you will need to spend Webtoon coins which you can either purchase them online or get them for free using the steps above.

They have huge repository of original comics and consisting of various categories. Various genres including Historical, Fantast, Romance, Action and Informative etc.

Webtoon Original Comics

Some of the Webtoon original comics include Lore Olympus, Down to Earth, The Remarried Empress, Let’s Play etc.

You will not find these Webtoon originals anywhere else on the internet as they are originals of Webtoon. Sign up and be lost in the immersive readings of Drama, Thriller or Supernatural and Horror comics of Webtoon today.

Download Webtoon App for Mobile

For the convenience and better experience of small screen users, Webtoon also has Android and iOS app available for free download.

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Get Webtoon Android from Playstore or Apple Appstore.

Webtoon Creators 101

Webtoon also has Creators 101 section where you can create and publish your own comics. With the numerous readers they have, it’s guaranteed your new and original comics will have access to large reader-base and you can make a name for yourself as a publisher.

To get inspiration, you can read the notes from successful contributors of Webtoon Canvas on their website. What’s more, you can make money from your creations – way beyond Webtoon promo code and free coins haha!


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